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Just over twenty-five years ago, a question Myra Estelle had asked herself many times before suddenly felt more urgent. . . Why are people hurting each other so much? And why do we still see disease, wars, and famine in the world?

At that time she was an architectural designer, teaching in a college, and the principal of a small design firm. But, to her amazement, this question began to draw her into an introspective journey to finally find some answers. So began her quest to learn more about an inner process that is rarely discussed out loud.

Myra began with a life-affirming meditation practice, and gradually discovered an amazing matrix of awareness that’s hidden deep within the way the world works. It felt to her as if the universe had been waiting for the appropriate moment to open a portal and invite her into this greater expanse of consciousness. The inspiration and opportunities that came into her life through this understanding made her realize that she had uncovered a supportive inner process within herself. She became intrigued and followed through to discover more details about it.

She found that her research and study, with living teachers and the writings of those from long ago, together with her ongoing meditation practice, all helped to reinforce and expand her understanding of life. She realized that awareness of this kind must be at the center of what many people consider to be a religious experience.

Simply by living our life we are all on an amazing journey of self-discovery, as we learn how to nurture our soul’s existence, and find out more about ourselves each day. Through Myra’s quest beneath the surface of our everyday existence, she became aware that there’s a really profound reason for each individual to be here—we are all gradually being drawn into a genuine, respectful, and compassionate awakening of a beautiful love that’s usually concealed deep within us.

We can find that if we really want to become part of a process to create peace in the world, it can only begin from a peaceful place within our own heart.

Myra writes books and teaches classes on how you can experience inner peace for yourself, to help enhance more fulfilling relationships in your life.

She teaches and inspires people in colleges and religious organizations in the US, and is also available for private coaching, either on the phone or in person.

Born in London, England, Myra now lives in New York, and is the mother of two sons.

Many years ago I found myself drawn into an introspective quest to learn more about this supportive process. As my intuition has always been my greatest friend, like a home base within me that I can go to in times of uncertainty, it was quite easy for me to reach into a calm, peaceful place inside of myself, and begin to look more deeply into my own inner experience.

I began to meditate every day, and found over time that this deep meditation had a way of lifting my mind into a loving, inner experience of peace. I gained insight through awareness of a supportive conscious energy that provided inner strength and made me feel reassured. I became convinced that awareness of this kind has been at the center of most religious experiences.

Excerpt from

Awakening Love:

A Spiritual Quest

Into Judaism

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