Myra Estelle is an English born writer, teacher, and life coach, as well as a trained architect. For more than two decades she has focused her attention on the connection between emotional development, conscious thought, and cultural behavior, researching the psychological reasoning beneath the complexity of our relationships. Her understanding gradually expanded into a deep spiritual awareness, and she began to explore these concepts within the context of religion.

When friends asked her to teach meditation, she happily obliged. After a while, her students’ positive response to her teachings inspired her to write her book about the spiritual process, called The Way The World Works: A Journey Toward Inner Peace. This book is now available in paperback and e-book format. It guides people of all ages through a practical understanding of the physical and psychological support available to us from the energy within ourselves and within our world, and was written to help the reader come to terms with this awakening inner process. Although the book doesn't make any reference to teachings from religion, many Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims, and even a devout follower of the Course in Miracles, have acknowledged that it is true to their own religion. A number of psychologists have praised its insights, and it has gained respect from several highly regarded Orthodox rabbis.

In Awakening Love: A Spiritual Quest Into Judaism, Myra examines the spiritual aspects of her family’s faith from a modern perspective. This book reveals significant wisdom from the Kabbalah that’s usually hidden beneath the surface of the religion; it provides nurturing spiritual guidance that will support all those who study it.

Myra now lives in New York, and is the mother of two sons. She teaches and inspires people in colleges and religious organizations in the US, and is also available for private coaching, either on the phone or in person.

author, teacher, and life coach

Many years ago I found myself drawn into an introspective quest to learn more about this supportive process. As my intuition has always been my greatest friend, like a home base within me that I can go to in times of uncertainty, it was quite easy for me to reach into a calm, peaceful place inside of myself, and begin to look more deeply into my own inner experience.

I began to meditate every day, and found over time that this deep meditation had a way of lifting my mind into a loving, inner experience of peace. I gained insight through awareness of a supportive conscious energy that provided inner strength and made me feel reassured. I became convinced that awareness of this kind has been at the center of most religious experiences.

Excerpt from

Awakening Love:

A Spiritual Quest

Into Judaism

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