A Journey Toward Inner Peace

by Myra Estelle

Available in print and in e-book!

New York,NYIf you are worried about the state of the world at this time in 2017, you are not alone. News of wars and famine in different parts of the world are coming to us from all over the internet in ways that can make most of us feel completely powerless.

But Myra Estelle has written a book that can reveal ways to ease your mind and help you to moderate your sense of panic. Her insights might, at first, seem too uncomplicated to be true—but if you were to study the great mystics and kabbalists of previous centuries and those of the present day, you’d find that her words are clear and well-tested explanations of the way our human minds have been created to deal with the challenges of life.

When we step beyond the concept that “sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never harm me” we can find that words are the exact means through which we are harming our communities and our planet. Myra explains that it’s the intention beneath our words that can create our greatest difficulties. It’s how we think about the person we’re speaking to that affects our relationships with one another.

For instance, if we speak words of hate or even sarcasm, the person who receives those words could be hurt and respond in the same way, which creates separation between people, and that can lead to broken families, broken communities, or even broken peace agreements. The same goes for writing words of hatred about another person or group of people. We know that great damage can be done with the influence of the written word if the intention is one of hate or derision.

How we intend to express our words and actions toward others comes from a very deep place inside of us, and is usually influenced by how we feel about ourselves. In “The Way The World Works,” Myra Estelle explores our deeper sense of self that can be reassured and strengthened by the wisdom she helps to uncover.

Our experience of life is more than just passing time—it’s a process of developing more understanding and awareness in every new moment. Myra insists that we can’t just think of our self as one more person in a world of over 7 billion people. We are each uniquely conscious beings, with gifts and talents of our own that are unlike anyone else’s in the world. She shows us how to take advantage of our individuality, to find a more peaceful center within our own self. She gradually takes the reader through an enlightening process, chapter by chapter, into a clearer understanding of a way we can begin to resolve our challenges:

“No single human being is completely in control of the events that shape our world. It’s only in partnership with each other, with insight gained through our inner quest, that we can heal any pain and suffering that still exists.”

Myra Estelle is a writer, teacher, and life coach. Her twenty-five years of research into the deeper, more empowering aspects of our consciousness, have given her a profound understanding of the spiritual experiences we all go through. She now gives talks and leads workshops in colleges and religious organizations in the US. Born in London, England, and trained as an architect, she lives in New York and is the mother of two sons.

The Way The World Works: A Journey Toward Inner Peace, published by Myco Press (paperback $13.95, and e-book, $9.95). Now available at,, and

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