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A Journey Toward Inner Peace

by Myra Estelle

Now available in print and in e-book!

New York,NY--When you buy a new digital device...

do you rush to read the book of instructions, or do you simply glance at it once or twice and not refer to it any more? Is it only when something doesn't work and you're forced to read the manufacturer’s instructions that you find out how to make it function more efficiently?

Well, the same thing can happen in real life. We're each given a life, and we get an idea of how to handle it and grow in it from all the people around us—our family, our schoolmates, our teachers, and the media. Then, when something doesn't seem to be going right, we have to find a new way to understand what we need to do.

This is where Myra Estelle can help. Her newly released book: The Way The World Works: A Journey Toward Inner Peace, is a guide to the basic facts you need to know to get you through a difficult moment, whether it's at work or play, or even in your relationship with parents or another loved one. This book will give you insights to help you understand what's going on underneath the surface of whatever your challenge might be.

For instance, she shows how everyone’s personal energy is part of a creative process that is being experienced throughout humankind, and once we discover how to notice this process, we can find creative ways to solve any problems that might arise.

By learning how to relate to the creative process that exists within the energy of the universe, a new way of life can begin to unfold that lifts you above the challenges of the moment and brings you into a clearer thought process. This can help you to become much more aware of the many options available to you.

You can find that there are ways to heal the past, overcome resistance, work through blocks, and live creatively. You'll also be able to notice coincidences, where what you need is what you get. And you can learn to strengthen your mind with meditation and discover how to overcome conflicts, so that you can have a healthy relationship with a loving soulmate.

Once you've started to develop trust in the life you're living, by discovering that you actually exist within a loving, creative process of life, you'll be able to find delight and inner peace every day. As more and more people access this inner state of peace, we can gradually create a more peaceful world. And that's the way the world works!  

Born in London, England, Myra Estelle is a writer, teacher, and life coach. Trained as an architect in New York City, with more than two decades of research studies on the connection between psychological, emotional, and cultural development, she has explored the natural reasoning beneath the complexity of our relationships. She now teaches and inspires others in colleges and religious organizations in the US. She lives in New York and is the mother of two sons.

Myra has also written: Awakening Love: A Spiritual Quest Into Judaism, also published by Myco Press, (paperback $14.95, and e-book $9.95), which reveals the spiritual teachings of Kabbalah that are often hidden within Judaism.

The Way The World Works: A Journey Toward Inner Peace, published by Myco Press (paperback $13.95, and e-book, $9.95). Now available at amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and itunes.apple.com.

For further information, please see www.myraestelle.com or contact info@myraestelle.com.

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