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Our classes are  based on the spiritual teachings and insights from the Kabbalah, written by great sages in Judaism: Rav Kook, Rebbe Nachman, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, Maimonides, Nachmanides, Rav Ashlag, and many others. Classes are followed by group discussion and a short, simple meditation in silence.

Facilitator Myra's classes explain the psychological insights of mystical teachings in Judaism. Her training comes from many years of Torah and Kabbalah study with highly respected rabbis, including Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach of very blessed memory.


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We study the fact that our planet is more than just physical matter. In the same way that conscious energy within our mind is the source of our individual awareness and behavior, so conscious energy is, in infinite proportion, the source of creativity that empowers all action throughout the entire universe, including life here on earth.

Whenever we speak of God, we are speaking of the wisdom of the conscious energy of the entire universe that continuously supports our lives.

We can't know the mind of the universe, the one we call God. However, we can get to know how to live within this brilliant mind. This doesn't make us into God, but it helps us to experience the flow of the universe in a way that can bring a clearer sense of balance and harmony into our relationships and our whole experience of life.

When we study the teachings of great sages, we can find that their insights give us more understanding about our present day lives, and can help us to discover inner peace.

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Meditation is a powerful support for any quest into spiritual enlightenment. It gives us a chance to feel internally centered in a peaceful state of alignment with everything around us. When we take some time to think, contemplate, and meditate, it’s easier to clear the mind and gradually uncover a powerful sense of our own unique self.

Meditation is a way of listening to a clearer part of our mind that can give us more insight into our life. What we experience in dreams is often beyond our usual conscious thought, and therefore not always easy to recall. But during meditation we are awake, so our insights are easier to remember, and our realizations can register and stay with us in a more beneficial way. These deeper insights can often reveal more of who we are and what we need to know.

Clear thinking is a wonderful experience. It gradually removes your worries and your fears. A restless mind gives no peace, but a clear mind gives amazing peace—even joy.


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"It is not hidden from you

and it is not distant. It is not in heaven, [for you] to say, 'Who can ascend to the heaven for us and take it for us so that we can listen to it and perform it?' Nor is it across the sea, [for you] to say, 'Who can cross to the other side of the sea for us and take it for us, so that we can listen to it and perform it?'

Rather, the matter is very near to you - in your mouth and in your heart - to perform it."

Deuteronomy 30:8-14

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Join the Inner Peace Process.

Take time to meditate on the peace within.

The beautiful instrumental music on the podcasts is with the kind permission of composer and pianist Shoshannah.

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Everything new on earth begins

with the power of a thought. Just like any power we’re given, it’s essential that we know how to use it wisely.

Excerpt from

The Way The World Works:

A Journey Toward Inner Peace

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